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It's Sofiya and Solomiya. Both Ukrainians. Both living in Estonia. Both working in Tech. Both love fashion.

Our Story

One night in April, after a very long and tiring day at the aid collection point in Tallinn, Estonia (the picture above is from there, by the way) we were sitting in the kitchen and talking. At that point, we had sent more than 15 vans of aid to Ukraine. We were getting less and less donations and the next van was probably not going to be sent any time soon. People were becoming tired of donations. So, we needed a more sustainable way of helping our beloved Ukraine.

Earlier that week, Sofiya mentioned that from now on she wanted to buy clothes only from Ukrainian brands. There are so many, after all, and great ones! Around the same time, we started noticing that some Ukrainian brands were giving some of their profits to the charity funds or directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was amazing to see, but the info about them was very chaotic. So, we decided to create a website - a catalogue of brands that help Ukraine in one way or another. 

Once we started working on the idea, we realized there is so many of them. And not only from Ukraine, but from all around the world. So, this is how the project was born. We started collecting a lot of information about each brand, so our users can filter them based on what they want to buy, price, delivery options and more. We invite you to explore all the brands on this website and help Ukraine while doing it. Who knows, maybe your next jeans will save someone's life.


We are looking for volunteers fluent in Ukrainian and English. Please, contact us on Instagram or by email below if you would like to help. 

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